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The Dotted Line was established in 1994 as a sign and graphics business. With an emphasis on design first, we've worked with artists and craftsmen over the years to develop a style all our own.

Gallery exhibition graphics, signs, banners, and vehicle graphics are a few ways we can help to promote your business. We'll work with you to create the feel you're after while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

Backed by years of large format and flatbed printing, we've developed our Print Jigs as a way to improve efficiency, accuracy and repeatability while printing to a near unlimited array of product. We produce flatbed print jigs for common items such as golf balls and cell phone cases, but also for custom products.

Design + Graphics + Print Jigs


From vehicle graphics to banners to gallery exhibitions, The Dotted Line has produced quality work in a variety of fields. We're always learning and thrive on innovation through design. As technology rapidly changes, we seek out new production methods as well as new materials to offer unique solutions to design challenges.

We currently offer not only design and graphics, but also a product for the flatbed printing industry. All custom Print Jigs are produced to maximize the print area while firmly holding the product in place for accurate printing. Please contact us for more information and we'll be happy to assist with your next project.

Print Jig Production Process



Taking into account your flatbed printer, we'll design a jig to fit. The product is meticulously tested until it holds securely in place.


Once your product is satisfactorily test fit, we'll populate the jigs and create the production files to match your printer. At that point we'll produce your jigs and follow up with the matching files.


We'll ensure your print files match your jigs. This is how accuracy is ensured and the road to efficient printing begins. 


Client Reviews

Phil, PCM Custom Molding, Inc. - Arizona


Those fixtures rock!! You killed it!  Really appreciate the quality and detail you put into your work.

Lisa, - Canada


I’ve been using the new jigs for a couple of weeks now, and I absolutely LOVE them!  You did an amazing job my friend!!!!  Things are so much quicker and easier now!  Thank you!!

Jordan, - Los Angeles


Just ran a print and it worked out great! The magnet pieces are GENIUS!!!

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